Stories of Evacuated Havre De Grace residents

Residents on the move

Havre De Grace - Capturing the moment, surrounded by flooded out streets, some folks in Havre De Grace were enjoying the calm before the bigger storm of water headed their way.

From the flooded out American Legion Hall to streets turned into streams and puddles to ponds. There were many folks were taking the call for mandatory evacuations seriously.

I don't like leaving home but you have to do what you have to do. I was worried about my furniture and everything so we are getting ready to prepare the apartment.

And for those who needed a little help making the move, Harford County Volunteer Fire and EMS came to the rescue.

This is a very proactive operation.

Dave Williams says when they realized low lying areas in town could be in jeopardy from the Susquehanna's flooding they decided to take action. There are nearly 170 residents at Citizen's Care Center and many of them needed help.

Ambulances lined the streets shuttling them to other nursing homes.

Emergency response agencies throughout the county have learned after recent disasters, like since Katrina and more recent also that we need to be proactive. Have plans in place. We have to execute those plans for the safe guarding of residents of all types.

For residents like Peggy St. Amour this scene is all too familiar.

"Lived in Havre De Grace all my life," said St. Amour. "I've seen it before, but it's still exhilarating to watch."

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