Scoop Kelly's memory lives on

Players and fans came ready for a big time Friday night matchup between Bel Air and Fallston.
However, it was the way the game started that will likely be the most memorable moment of the night. 
"Scoop's contributions will be missed on and off the field, we would now ask you to please rise as we honor Coach Scoop Kelly with a moment of silence," the game announcer said.
This night was about more than lacrosse.
All around there were signs of how Scoop Kelly's memory lives on.
Nestled tightly into the crowd sat his parents Marby and John Kelly. For them, the night served as heartwarming evidence.
"It meant a whole lot to me because it was another reflection of him and all the good things that he did," John said.  
The Bel Air Bobcats lacrosse coach of nine years was involved in a car crash in February. He went home from the hospital to recover but died shortly after.
Being in the environment he loved so much helps his loved ones, but isn't always easy.
"Through hearing how many lives he touched, just because I knew he was so popular up in Harford County but to actually see it myself is just incredible," Kristin Runk, his girlfriend of one and a half years, told ABC2. 
"It makes me sad, it makes me sometimes want to break down but it also, as I indicated, makes me very proud of what he was able to accomplish," John added.
Even before touching lives as a coach, Scoop was a champion on the field as a Fallston Cougar.
For his 1989 teammates, his passing has served as a wake up call. 
"You always say you want to get everybody together and you never do and you kind of need a jumpstart and that kind of did it. You don't know how long you have," Randy Dillon, a former teammate and childhood friend said.
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