Residents cleaning up after tornado

FALLSTON, Md. (WMAR) - The legacy of last week's violent storm has some residents in the area still cleaning up today, and forever thankful there were not more injuries.

Jerry Corn works for the Harford County Highways and says he "has been out all day on county roads. Off of Whitaker Mill Road, trees are down on both sides of the road, limbs and everything. We've been there cutting and chipping brush all day long/"

Gene Taylor from Safelight Autoglass says that he has "about nine jobs today. Who knows how many there is tomorrow. I ride around and see broken glass all over this place so I think we're gonna be busy for a little while. Nightmare."

Homeowner Lewis Whitney is still cleaning up as well. "I got a back storm door that slides and I was standing right by it and couldn't open it there was so much water hitting it."  Whitney says "We've seen some good storms, but nothing as violent as this one. This is the most violent. We were very fortunate, all we had was tree damage."

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