Residents amazed at tornado destruction

FALLSTON, Md. (WMAR) - When a tornado struck a community of homes on Milton Avenue in Fallston, Jill Schorr's house took the brunt of it's force.

"We definitely took the brunt of it in the development, it took apart maybe a third of our roof and all the siding on the back, some siding on the other side, broke out window in our kitchen, blew away our entire patio set down stairs, Kansas style," says Jill.

Not fully knowing the extent of the damage, a calm mindset and clear thinking prevailed even in the midst of worsening conditions.

"The first thing that my husband said ran through his mind was 'we gotta get the roof covered,' we just didn't know what to do. The first thing I did was called my insurance company," said Jill.

Experts say when a disaster occurs, barring injuries, your insurance company should be your first call.

Don Carter with Krause Renovations says that is the first step. "Find out what's covered, what's not covered, there's a lot of loop holes in insurance as you know, I'm sure everybody knows. And then definitely have somebody come out and inspect your roof around your facia and your soffits to make sure nothings blown loose. Something that you might not see, if one shingle is missing you might not see that from the ground, one shingle could cause a leak and over time cause some damage."

One important note about torn off siding. "You have to replace the whole house otherwise you're going to look like you live in a shack with several different kinds of siding all over it," says Carter.

Observing the aftermath, Jill is still amazed at the power of nature.

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