Pig race featured at Harford County Farm Fair

BEL AIR - You can see some of the finest swine in the county, real ribbon winners, at the Harford County Farm Fair.

But it's a small track where children of all ages will wait patiently for half an hour or more to see Sue Wee's Flying Pig Races.

Experts suggest pigs can run a mile in seven minutes, and they can circle this course in about 10 seconds.

Brian Cromer has been conducting these races for 12 years, and if there's anything he's learned, it's that they're smart.

"They are smart. They are real smart. That's why we do pigs. It only takes about a week to train the pigs. They're real easy. They know exactly what they're supposed to do. They know what they can expect."

The New Jersey company recently raised those expectations adding a water hazard to the course. Thus, swimming pigs.

"We help them up the ramp and they dive into the water. You see one pig go and the rest will follow right after that."

Well, that is, after they see how cold it is.

"The pigs float pretty well and they're natural swimmers so that was not too much in the training process there."

Don't expect to see these pigs next season.

At six weeks old, they weigh 25 pounds, but they could top out at about 400 pounds a year from now.

That means this is their last dash and dunk for glory.

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