Lightning strikes man, homes in Harford County

No one injured, including electrocuted teen

You could call it a near miss multiplied by millions of volts of electricity when a bolt of lightning struck a car outside this home in Fallston and jumped to a trailer inside the garage with a 16-year-old standing near enough to feel the effects, but to survive with the scare of his life.
Yet another bolt struck this home near Bel Air where Bob Kirby's elderly parents were caught off guard.
"(A) big storm came through," Kirby said. "Lightning hit the back corner of the house.  They didn't realize the house was on fire right away.  It was probably a couple of minutes before it really struck them that the place was going up in flames and then they got out safely, fortunately, for everybody."
About 10 miles away in Aberdeen, Steve Aust was returning home from the orioles game in the middle of the thunder storm when he spotted evidence of yet another strike.
"From Route 7, I just saw this big blaze of fire over here and so the first thing I did was count the houses to see if it was my house," he said. "It wasn't, but it was one right next to it.  As soon as I pulled up, I got to see the firemen busting down my front door."
His neighbor, Conrad Spangler, who had gone under the knife earlier that day, witnessed the lightning firsthand as it struck a third floor window near the roof.
"It was meniscus surgery earlier in the day and I was sitting around (and) slept most of the day, watching TV and I saw the lightning strike... kind of hit up there and the sparks came past the window," Spangler said. "(I) went downstairs... kind of hobbled down and saw the flame up there.  I couldn't really grab too much cause my knee... kind of hobbling around.  I didn't really grab too much.  I've just got the shirt on... the shorts on---that's what I've got."
Spangler says once he spotted the fire, he was able to hobble back inside to rescue his dog from the second floor.
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