No layoffs, raises for teachers in Harford County budget plan

School board voted Wednesday to delay vote

The Harford County School Board voted Wednesday night to delay a final vote on the system’s budget vote until this Monday.

The proposed budget does not contain any layoffs -- but it also does not include a raise for teachers.

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Superintendent Barbara Canavan said even a 1 percent increase would have cost the system $2.9 million for the next fiscal year or 46 positions being cut to make up for the raises.

At a meeting Wednesday night teachers told board members they'll be looking for work in other school districts.

School board members, the superintendent and the head of the county's teachers union blame the Harford County Council and County Executive for not coming up with enough funding to give the teachers the pay increases that are in their contract.

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“Parents are going to end up with more kids in their classes. They're going to wind up with more kids in their classes. We've been back at this same spot every single year for the past six or seven years,” said Ryan Burbey, president of the Harford County Education Association.

Superintendent Canavan said she would not take a raise because she can't offer one to her teachers.

Board members voted down a proposal that would have asked the superintendent to study what the impact would have been, if the $2.9 million would have been allocated for teacher raises.

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