Nine-year-old founder of We Cancerve collects school supplies for orphanage in Kenya

ABINGDON - Cancer is a life-altering diagnosis but it isn't stopping a nine-year-old Harford County girl from helping others while she works to get healthy again.

Grace Callwood has a huge heart and her generosity is extending beyond the borders of Maryland.  Her charity group, We Cancerve, is sending school supplies to an orphanage in Kenya.  Callwood and her group have helped many local organizations and she's excited to be making a difference overseas.

"I wanted to give them some school supplies so they didn't have to use their money on supplies," said Callwood.

Lillian Awimbo's family started the Achego Orphanage in Kenya in the 1970's.  They care for more than 200 children, ages 5 to 21.  They provide food, shelter, medical care and schooling, making it a costly operation.

"These are children who need everything because the orphanage is their home, they don't have any other source of livelihood," Awimbo said.  "The orphanage depends on donors."

They may not speak the same language, but Callwood and some of orphans do share one thing in common-- they know what its like to be sick.  Callwood just finished three years of treatment for Non Hodgkins Lymphoma.  Awimbo says many of their kids lost parents to HIV or AIDS and are also infected with the disease.

"This is one way of showing the other children who are suffering that there is somebody out there who cares," said Awimbo.  "It gives them hope and that it's not the end of the world."

That's something Grace can feel good about as she sends her supplies to Africa.

"I feel really excited that I get to help people, even though they're really far away from us," she said.

Callwood is always working on projects to help others.  To learn more about her group We Cancerve, click here .



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