Dam poses flooding threat in northern Harford County

The heavy rains have already turned Little Deer Creek into something a bit bigger, but the biggest concern right now is what would happen if a dam breaks at a lake tucked off Harford Creamery 
Road releasing 8 million cubic feet of water.
"They said that there was a chance that they might close Mount Horeb Road and that we weren't in the floodplain, but some other people were and they said they were afraid if the dam broke, it could affect us," said Austin Weber.
It may look like just a ditch to the untrained eye, but there is water seeping through the dam, detected by state environmental inspectors, and Harford County emergency managers fear if the rain continues and water on the lake rises, the dam could give way.
"We actually have a trigger point that we're using,” said Emergency Manager Rick Ayers. “It's about nine feet from the trigger point.  If we get to that, that's when we're going to have to issue some evacuations and also close some roads."
The warnings are a first for some people who have lived in the low lying areas of North Harford County for decades.
"I moved here April 17th, 1977," said Weber, who was previously unaware of the lake, the dam and the threat upstream from his home, "This is the first time I've ever heard of it or of Harford Creamery.  This is the first time they've ever come and said anything about the dam or Harford Creamery."
Late Wednesday, the county planned to send in workers to pump some of the water out of the lake to ease the pressure on the dam, and it’s monitoring the situation around the clock.
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