Meningitis scare bringing people to emergency rooms

BEL AIR, Md - The numbers are frightening and growing.

One hundred and 37 reported cases across ten states.

Twelve deaths including one in Maryland and nine people have been sickened in this state.

But this is causing a lot of people to rush to emergency rooms when they don't have any symptoms of meningitis.

At Upper Chesapeake Medical Center in Bel air, more than 50 people have come into their emergency room after receiving notice from one of two Bel Air centers that they may have received a tainted steroid shot in their spine.

Doctors say they have performed an unprecedented 45 spinal taps over the past five days to test for the disease,.43 were negative and only two required further testing but have not been confirmed for the disease.

They say meningitis is serious, but there are symptoms and many people who don't have symptoms may be caught up in a panic.

"The best bet for them is to go to their personal physician they're personal doctor their primary doctor understands their baseline pain and where they were before the shot and if the doctor feels they need a spinal tap sure they can send their patient to the emergency room and take it over from there for a patient to look at a news story and show up at the emergency room i think it's not the best utilization of resources."

Doctor Younus says that if meningitis is confirmed it is treatable.

But he says a people with existing health problems such as diabetes or cardiopulmonary diseases who received these shots should see their doctors as soon as possible if they show meningitis symptoms.

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