Limb pierces wall in 11-year-old boy's bedroom

The howling winds topped 50 m.p.h. and shook both houses and the people inside them.
"It was really windy and we heard like really bad shaking," recalled 11-year old Brandon Will of Bel Air.
If you didn't know what you were looking for, you might not notice the latest edition to Brandon's bedroom.
"It's the tree that came through the wall and there's an opening and all the air is coming through right here," said the boy as he pointed to a foot-long branch now wedged through the corner of his room.
Outside the two-story home on West Riding Drive in Bel Air, you'll find the rest of the 50-foot poplar tree that pierced Brandon's wall, and sent his whole family running for cover.
"When the tree came down, I thought initially it was a tornado so I threw stuff down,” said Brandon’s father, Jeff Will, “I told the family to get in the basement and once we realized that it wasn't a tornado that's when I walked outside and came around and saw this enormous tree on the side of my house and through my son's bedroom."
The story is similar for many people living along nearby Emmorton Road after the most powerful gust left the most damage.
"For most of the night it sounded like a train coming through the backyard,” said Eric Nowakowski while surveying the damage outside his home on Lake Drive, “I got home at nine o'clock last night so it was consistent all the way through the night.  The kids were scared.  I just let them know it was just the wind."
Back at the Will's residence, a giant crane arrived to begin clearing the majestic tree from the house.
Now, the same family frightened by the force of Mother Nature watched in awe as an acrobatic man danced amongst the highest branches of the felled tree with a chainsaw dropping limbs as he went before bringing the whole thing down.
"I'm thankful enough that everybody's just okay,” said Brandon’s father, “I mean houses and structures can be replaced.  It's family that's most important so they're good to go."
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