Investigators are surveying the damage of a possible tornado in Jarrettsville.

JARRETTSVILLE, Md. - Don Alcorn feels alone through the weekend storm clean-up.  Neighbors are checking on him, but they aren't staring at the same picture. 

"It's a tulip tree and it's about a hundred feet tall, two branches, and one of them just snapped right off," said Alcorn.

His house on Cox Rd. in Jarrettsville seemed like the only target on Friday night. 

"It's like a big roaring train standing right next to it.  The wind was just ferocious; it was bad," said Alcorn.    

Two large trees cover his backyard.  The TV antenna that was on the roof flew off.  The furniture on the front porch was picked up several feet away.

The National Weather Service is taking pictures, gathering eyewitness accounts, and rating the damage to determine if there was a tornado.  Investigators say most of the damage is right over Mr. Alcorn's house. 

"With the storm that we saw on radar, there was definitely rotation with it.  There was a strong rotation signature at about 2,000 feet.  And I am seeing trees that are folded over in different directions," said Ken Widelski, Emergency Response Meteorologist for the National Weather Service.   

The trees that fell on Cox Rd. were cleaned up overnight.  But there's still work for the Alcorns and federal investigators.  Whatever came from the sky shook the house and rattled their nerves, but the wind direction makes it an easier story to tell.

"If it would have went the other way, or the other branch would have snapped off, we would have had half a house," said Alcorn. 

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