He's a gamer!

Engineer finds joystick success

Fallston - Brian Schorr saw the writting on the wall,  His engineering job at Sparrows Point was about to end.  So what did he do?  He looked into his hands and there was a sign.  A game controller.  He discovered his passion to sell vintage video games.

Look who can't fall asleep in Fallston, Brian Schorr, who runs You Name The Game.   Brian plays both Elf and Santa, pounding out video game orders to the rest of the world.  Once a gamer always a gamer.

"This feeds my habit of playing."

So Brian kept buying and buying and collecting and collecting video games.  Some of them are worth a fortune.

His passion has ovetaken his den, his dinning room and that's when he knew he was in business for good.

"I was just looking for some pocket cash, some extra money." 

You ain't seen nothing yet, upstairs in his spare bedroom you will find over 4000 video games you can't find anywhere but in this room.

Shelf after shelf filled up.  Some guy from China just bought a bunch of American game he couldn't find anywhere but from Brian.

He has outgrown his Fallston home so now he has to move down the street to a storefront where he plans to hire more people.

"Its a piece of our history, our culture."

Once a game always a game and he's always thinking back to the first time he had a controller in his hands.

He just can't believe his passion, his dream has come true!

His business is called You Name The Game and can be found on Facebook and Twitter.



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