Hero Dog joins a new APG family


A Wounded Warrior and employee with the U.S. Army Test and Evaluation Command (ATEC) at Aberdeen Proving Ground has recently gained a new best friend, courtesy of Hero Dogs. 
Hero Dogs is a Maryland charity that provides service dogs to injured or disabled veterans. 
Kelly Keck, who works in the EEO Office and Lady Liberty recently met when representatives from the charity introduced him to the 3-year-old golden retriever, called "Libby" for short. 
Keck and Libby are still in training but warmed up to each other enough to begin spending 24-hours a day in each other's company, organizers said. 
Hero Dogs enhance warriors' lives by retrieving items, turning on lights, opening doors and various other tasks. The dogs also help calm the symptoms of post traumatic stress. 
Keck says Libby senses his agitation and she places her head on his knee and applies pressure in a "Don't worry, I'm here" kind of way. "She settles me down," Keck said. 
Keck says the greatest advantage is that Libby can bring him things he needs like his wheelchair, which she pulls by a rope, and almost eliminates the need for him to bend over and pick things up, which causes dizziness. 
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