Harford County sees over a foot of snow, declares local State of Emergency

HARFORD COUNTY, MD - Officials declared a local State of Emergency after some residents woke up to over a foot of snow.

Neighbors in Harford County will tell you being 'snowed in' puts it lightly; they spent Thursday morning shoveling, plowing and snow blowing their side streets, driveways and walkways.

"I've only seen the plow out here once out on this street, and that was about an hour ago," said county resident, Josh Dill. "I can't imagine what the rest of the streets look like."

By late Thursday afternoon, some of the county's back roads had not been touched.

"It's pretty bad. Hopefully they come through here a couple more times before the other snow comes tonight," Dill said.

For those who live in the northern part of the county, they've taken matters into their own hands. Neighbors are helping each other out, plowing through a foot of snow before another layer blankets the county again.

"My in-laws live a mile down road so I plowed them out, and now plowing all our neighbors out so they can get out," said Todd Steiner, who has lived in the county for ten years.

The county has 130 workers on the roads at all times throughout this storm. They've declared a local State of Emergency, saying it may be until Saturday before everything is clear.

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