Harford County Executive David Craig speaks on teachers' salaries

Students headed back to school across the state today, but in Harford County the teachers returned to another year without a raise.

Our cameras were there as some North Bend Elementary School students boarded the bus to ride to school with Harford County Superintendent Barbara Canavan and Harford County Executive David Craig.

The teachers that will instruct Harford County students this year haven't received a raise in five out of the past six years.

Craig addressed the impact of the economy on school funding today.

"We started off well on the economy, but then things got bad. It's not anybody’s real fault, things happened in Harford County, it just happened, we had to accept it,” Craig said.

Craig said -- given the funding -- the county struggled to keep teacher salaries stable and not cut positions.

And that the impact is not just with the teachers.

"i also say its everybody, its the administrators, the teachers, the librarians, the bus drivers, also everybody else that works for the county," Craig said. 

Some teachers we talked to say the lack of pay increases made it so they just couldn't afford to live in the county anymore.

Between retirements and teachers leaving, Harford County had 300 positions to fill over the summer.

At last check with the county, they were down to one part time and six full-time teacher positions that still need to be filled.


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