Harford County Council gives the green light to a County Executive raise

It's a bill that wouldn't take effect until July 2015.  But the talk about giving the next Harford County Executive more green has folks in the area seeing red.

Watch the video to hear how Harford County residents felt about the proposal. 

The County Council passed the bill that would increase the paycheck for the County Executive from $105,000 a year to $130,000 despite heavy opposition from Harford County residents who attended the meeting.  It's a move Council President Billy Boniface said is long past due.


"The last time legislation was passed to increase the County Executive's salary was in 1999,” he said.

The bill now heads to County Executive David Craig's desk for approval. In the past, Craig said he would veto a bill that includes wage increases for county officials. However, the County Council would still have the final vote on the bill, despite a veto from the County Executive. 

Out of about 100 people who attended the public hearing, more than 20 stood to voice their opinion.  Most took a stand against the bill, and asking council to vote ‘no.'

"If you vote for this bill, which I am sure you will, I don't know how you can look a teacher, a police officer, or a Harford County employee in the eye with a clear conscious," one woman said.

"I think it's appalling,” said Harford County resident Kathy Glover.  “I haven't had a pay raise in eight years. They keep telling us there's no money in the county to give those of us who work in the school any kind of pay raise."

Harford County officials have come under fire for a lack of funding of the county's public school teachers

But not everyone who attended the meeting was against the idea.  One supporter took to the mic recognizing the County Executive position has a huge impact on the lives of the people living there.

"I just think if we want the best people for the best county in the state we need to compensate them fairly," he said.

Boniface said Harford County's Executive makes the least amount of money out of the top seven counties in the state.  Pointing out more than 100 employees in the school system currently take home a six-figure paycheck.

"I understand the frustration of the teachers,” said Boniface.  “The School Board hasn't been able to give them increases in quite some times, and we've given them more money than they have asked for every year that I've been in office."



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