Expensive treatment required to save puppies rescued from unauthorized dealer

With the proper care and timely vaccinations, this puppy named Murphy may have already found a new home, but for now, he is under quarantine after arriving at a foster home and becoming violently ill.
Eight-year old Grace Keck helps out with his care.
"Murphy is, I believe, a Shepherd-mix and he's like black, but his tummy is like brownish,” Grace told us, “He's brown inside and he's really nice and I love him."
But Murphy will now need an expensive series of treatments and a lengthy stay at the Animal Emergency Hospital in Bel Air if he is to survive.
"Murphy came in and he was really lethargic,” said Dr. Ruth Fliflet, “He was vomiting.  He had some abdominal pain, and with his history, being a young dog, we were concerned about Parvo virus so we immediately did a test for that and he did come up positive."
Parvo or Canine parvovirus is a highly contagious disease spread through dog feces that can prove fatal for puppies with weak immune systems or those, which haven't been vaccinated.
Murphy is one of two infected puppies of the 32 seized last week from an unlicensed dealer in Southwest Baltimore .
"We are very concerned about the others,” said Diana Maddox of the Saving Grace Animal Rescue of Maryland, “Our rescue has been in contact with the other rescues that took the remaining puppies and there are some showing symptoms.  They will be tested."
It is just another tragic test for the litters of puppies rescued from cramped hoarding conditions, and the treatment can run into the thousands of dollars.
For now, Grace Keck, the second grader from Hickory Elementary School in Bel Air may be Murphy's greatest hope.
"This was my gift cup.  I've been collecting money from my birthdays and stuff and I decided that since he's really sick and we have to pay for all his medical bills that I would donate this money to help pay for the medical bills.  All together I have $65.50 I think."
"$65? You could buy a lot of stuff with $65, but you'd rather give it to animals?"
"Uh huh, because this is my gift cup and I give to animals or things that people need.  So, I gave it to Murphy this time."
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