Drivers hope new Harford interchange prevents Xmas shopping tie ups

Route 24 & Emmorton interchange gets holiday test

It's supposed to make things flow smoother. It's supposed to make it easier to get in and out of two large shopping areas.

But does the intersection of Route 24 and Emmorton Road do what it's supposed to do?

It depends on who you talk with.

Josh Wagner and his wife own a small print shop right off of 924.

He's been optimistic since the day the overpass opened that it would do wonders for the area.

And as far as he's concerned it has.

"It's much better we were trapped there at BJ for about four hours trying to get out to come back to our store shut us down for most of the day this time we went for black Friday and went the next day too and there was no issues with traffic at all," Wagner says.

Wagner's talking about the traffic disaster that happened during the week before Christmas last year

So many people were shopping and trying to get on Emmorton Road and Route 24 that it took hours to get out.

The new interchange helps traffic get directly from 95 into Bel Air and funnels those looking to shop to the mall.

 Greg Terry was stuck in that nightmare last year and now it's a big difference.

"It seems a lot easier a lot quicker a lot less nerve wracking behind the wheel I can just through and get my shopping done quickly," Greg Terry says.

But not everyone is happy with the new road.

The main complaint many motorists have is that it's a little confusing at times to get around.

And there is still just one entrance and exit to the big Wal-Mart and Target plaza.

And not only that to get here you have to do a lot of maneuvering.

"It's a slight improvement but the truth is the major concern I and my wife come here frequently because my grand children live in the area I still have to slide across three lanes of moving traffic to make the left hand turn to come into here to a development that's close to here that's the danger." Joe Harms of Bel Air says.

Overall the intersection is getting positive marks from many folks who drive through here.

The big test will come over the next two days when last minute shopping hits its full stride.

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