Police: Husband shot wife before being fatally shot by officers following hostage standoff

BEL AIR, Md. - Jamie Campbell and Luis Hernandez, who friends called "Lu Luu,” were no strangers to the Baltimore County Police Department.

"It was never surprising to see police cars outside the house," said a woman who is familiar with the couple. 

The woman, who had many conversations with Campbell, shared what she knows in an effort to help others in an abusive relationship.

"He didn't care for her coming and going," the woman said. "He tried to cut her off from the people that were important to her in her life."

Police say Campbell's mom made the initial call to police, concerned that her daughter may have left Bel Air, where she was staying, and reunited with Hernandez. Police found the two in Campbell's car Monday night before it turned into a 12-hour standoff.

Police say Hernandez forced her to call family and say goodbye. Officers moved in. She was shot in the abdomen. He was shot and killed.

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"I think the average number of times is six that a victim might leave or reach out for help before that person finally gets away from the relationship," said Gail Reid, Director, Victim Advocacy, TurnAround

Reid says there are typically many barriers to getting out.

"A lot of victims feel that they're going to be in more danger if they leave, that this is someone who is going to come after them and hurt them," said Reid. 

The woman who knows the couple says the abuse was going on long before there were wedding bells.

"It had to be over, that he was psychotic.  She didn't want him anywhere near her anymore… and then she turned around and married him," she said.  "She became very reclusive at that point.  She really didn't say anything to anyone anymore."

Nothing was silent about the two gunshots our camera recorded from the scene Tuesday morning.

"I just hope other young women see this for what it is and learn a lesson before it's too late because eventually it will be too late," she said. 

She said Campbell has an 8-year-old son who said he's doesn't feel afraid anymore now that Hernandez is dead.

The Harford County Sheriff's Office confirmed late Wednesday afternoon that Hernandez shot his wife with a handgun Tuesday and was subsequently shot by tactical officers. Investigators hope to speak with Campbell soon as she was upgraded to serious condition.

Gail Reid with TurnAround says helping a victim of domestic abuse is a delicate situation.  If you need more information, click here .


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