Some Harford County teachers snub Executive David Craig's budget

BEL AIR, Md. - Some Harford County teachers are scoffing at County Executive David Craig's budget. 

There are predictions that teachers will lose their jobs or skip to another county.  The budget, unveiled Tuesday, contains no tax increases. The president of the Harford County Education Association says it doesn't pay to have experience.

There are increases for schools and public safety, but there's also an argument that it's not enough.

The Board of Education will see $2.3 million over last year, but they asked for $30 million.  The union president says teachers in their sixth year are making what teachers in their second year earn, missing out on at least $10,000.  Craig says all agencies have been flat. 

"They ignore that different counties get grants from the state that pay for different things when they shifted the teacher pension to us.  We had to pay for it, but there were different counties that got grants that paid for it," said Craig.

Teachers stepped out of their classrooms last week to protest .  According to the state Department of Education, the maximum amount a teacher earns in Harford County falls well below the average and below Frederick and Carroll Counties.

"We could be experiencing hundreds of teachers losing their jobs this year.  That's going to have an impact on everyone," said Ryan Burbey, president, Harford Co. Education Association. 

Craig says there is no salary increase for employees of county governments, the sheriff’s office, or the public library. 


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