Community rallies for breast cancer patient, who is an oncology nurse.

BEL AIR, Md. - Pink ribbons are all over her clothes.  It's what Dyanne Barnes wears to work.  She also lets ‘hope’ dangle from her wrist.  Those four letters capture her fight.

"You think you've done everything you can to make it not come back and you realize it's out of your control and that's kind of a lost place to be," said Barnes.    

The mother of three from Bel Air was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009.  Multiple treatments put the cancer in remission for two-and-a-half years, until she noticed a lump in her neck.

"I'm not necessarily one to be speechless, but I was speechless, and I was in tears," said Barnes.

With stage four breast cancer now in her lymph nodes, Barnes started another fight with the help of her husband and daughters, who don't let cancer get in the way of enjoying their childhood.

"They still don't listen.  They still don't clean their rooms. They still talk back," Barnes says laughing. 

She is surrounded by love and those who are willing to do their part.  It's uncomfortable for the family to ask for help, but friends do it for them at the Greene Turtle in Aberdeen.

"Out of pocket our bills have come to just shy of $8,000.  That's our medical bills and Dyanne missing work," said Matt Barnes, Dyanne’s husband.

Dyanne's friends are assisting by holding fundraisers for their family.

"What I was always brought up to do, and it’s just what comes natural, is to step in and fight when there's a need to fight," said Becky Maloy, a family friend, who planned the Wednesday night fundraiser.

"My son had his first asthma attack, and I came and knocked on her door and she took him in and helped me out right away," said Annie Charlier, a family friend and neighbor. 

Barnes is a nurse.  She got her degree when she was cancer free, and she made the choice to treat other cancer patients.  So when Barnes is not going through chemotherapy she's helping her patients who are.

"I know what these people are going through, and I just want to be able to help them.  I think that's why God put me here. So I continue to do his work by taking care of his people," Barnes. 

Barnes wants us to know she found the first lump in her breast and the second lump in her neck.  It's important to do self-exams.  Also, she asked doctors for an ultrasound since the mammogram did not find the cancer.

The Greene Turtle in Aberdeen is hosting Funds for Friends all day Wednesday, May 28th. Twenty percent of your tab will help pay for medical bills.

Click here for a link to the “Battle for the Barnes Family” Facebook page .


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