Aberdeen family talks about its generations of military service

ABERDEEN, Md. - Every year, people across the country are honoring veterans who served our country. For some families it is a way of life.

One family in Aberdeen has a long history of service to our country.

The pictures on the walls inside Mamie's Café in Aberdeen help tell the story of a retired Mervo High teacher of 28 years and Navy Korean War Veteran Ben Weber.

"A bunch of us were hanging on a corner over in Highlandtowne," remembers Weber. "Somebody came up said there is a war going on, and the rest of the guys standing there said ‘well let's go join up'."

So Weber enlisted and was soon deployed at sea aboard the Aircraft Carrier USS Franklin Delano Roosevelt (CV-42).

"I was a machinist mate, by duties were either in ship service generators or in main engine rooms, stood watch in main engine room on the throttle," says Weber."

His strong sense of family and service came from his parents.
"During the 2nd World War, my mother and father worked in the airplane industry," Weber told ABC2 News. "They made Grumman Hellcats down at the old Chevrolet plant on Broening Highway. Pop was a die-setter and mom was a riveter."

Grandson Michael Loiero, who helps out with the family business, also served in the military.
"I was in the 10th Mountain Division, 4th Battalion, 31st Infantry Regiment," says Loiero.

"Spent time in Iraq; it was definitely good times and bad times."

And Michael's grandfather will always be a hero to him.

"Just the way he lives his life, such a positive role model, very caring person. He always looks out for everybody."

Ben married his wife Mary Theresa just as soon as he got out of the Bainbridge Center on June 21, 1952.

"A navy wife, a service wife, it's a different whole life, and it makes you appreciate your husband because he is serving our country," explains Mary Weber.

While Bill Weber and Michael Loeiro may now be retired from active duty, they are still proudly serving their customers in Aberdeen.

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