A week after 12 tornadoes hit Maryland, cleanup not over

Route 1 in Fallston hardest hit by tornadoes

FALLSTON, Md. - It has been one week since 12 tornadoes hit Maryland and ABC2 News' Good Morning Maryland is looking at the progress that is being made and the lives that have been impacted.

ABC2 News' Charley Crowson and photojournalists, Erik Neilsen and Paul Jaffey, have been out surveying the damage, particularly along Route 1 in Fallston in Harford County.

The ABC2 crew saw the progress that is being made, especially along Route 1, late Thursday morning. Crowson says he took a look along Route 1 and saw many tarps still draped across roofs that were ripped off last from powerful winds last Friday.

Tree service crewmen have also been working non-stop this past week. ABC2 News spoke with them and local businesses along Route 1, some of whom, have had to shutdown this week.

ABC2 News will be speaking live with the Executive Director of Maryland Emergency Management and Chief of the Bel Air Volunteer Fire Department about cleanup efforts.

ABC2 News also has an update on Keith Matthews , who was working in his car detailing shop on Route 1 in Fallston Friday, when a tornado destroyed his shop and left him with a broken leg and a dislocated arm.

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