A Community of Harford County Moms Rally For A Very Unlikely Teenager

Mothers Support Teen Accused of Killing Dad

HAVRE DE GRACE, Md. - There was an unusual fundraiser Tuesday night in Harford County.   A community of moms rallying around a teenager charged with murder.

Several moms are leading the charge to support 16-year-old Robert Richardson III.  The Bel Air teen is charged with killing his father last month.

On Tuesday night, about 50 gathered at MacGregor's in Havre de Grace to help raise money to pay for Richardson's legal fees.

Mother's who attended the rally have children who went to school with Richardson.  While they don't approve of what he's admitted to, they do believe he was in a very bad home environment.

"We're not advocating murder," said Crystal Testerman.  "We're not saying what he did was right in any way, shape, or form.  We know what he did was wrong but we're saying there is a reason why he did what he did, and we feel that needs to be brought out when they're trying him."

A classmate started a Facebook page, calling it "Free Robert Richardson III."  The page has more than 800 likes.    While the adults would have preferred "Rally for Robert," they support the page and would like Richardson to be tried as a juvenile.

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