Trooper shoots pitbull mix attacking homeowner

CENTREVILLE, Md. - A Maryland State Trooper shot and killed a pitbull mix as it attacked a homeowner in Queen Anne’s County.

When an officer arrived at the Centerville home of Doris N. Airey just after 8 Sunday morning for a disturbance call, he heard two dogs fighting inside.  Peering inside he could see Airey, 64,  trying to break up a fight between the dogs. He could also see the aggressor dog, a full-grown pitbull mix had already bitten the victim.

The trooper entered the home and pepper sprayed the aggressive dog, causing it to back away. Moments later it aggressively charged the victim, appearing to be ready to attack again, police said. That’s when the officer drew his weapon and shot the dog when it was about three feet from the woman. The second dog, which was not threatening, was not injured.

An investigation found both dogs lived at the home with the victim, her daughter and son-in-law. The pitbull mix belonged to the son-in-law who was not home during the attack.

The Queen Anne’s County Animal Control Office has been notified about the incident.

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