Salisbury facing fine for sewage backup

SALISBURY, Md. (AP) - Salisbury officials say the city could be fined unless they can prove that they couldn't prevent pump failures that led to a sewage spill.
   City officials say pumps became clogged when heavy rains washed debris into sewer lines on Tuesday. That caused sewage to back up onto city streets and pour into the Wicomico River, prompting swimming and fishing advisories for a portion of the river.   
   The city could face up to $32,500 in state fines for the overflow. Mayor Jim Ireton told The Daily Times of Salisbury ( that to avoid fines, the city must prove the spill was beyond its control. The mayor says the city plans to install a trash grinder in the sewer line and is asking residents not to flush baby wipes, diapers or clothing.
   Information from: The Daily Times

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