Robin Pope disappeared without a trace

KENT ISLAND, Md. - Friends and family members hope to keep the memory of Robin Pope alive -- and to finally find out what happened to her.

Thursday night -- on what would have been her 53rd birthday – they gathered for a memorial on Kent Island.

“It would be like family and all these people. We would have a huge party normally,” said Pope’s daughter, Rachael Pope.  “We don't want to just forget about it and not celebrate her birthday and it's kind of nice to know that all these people still care about it and come out.”

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Pope was reported missing by her estranged husband in March of last year; weeks later her body was found.  The cause of her death remains undetermined.

“Honestly I never thought it was going to keep going on this long,” Rachael Pope said.

That's why her friends and family keep meeting like this.

“It keeps us still focused on trying to find an answer. We like keeping her name out there her picture out there as often as we can,” said a long-time friend, Kathy Martin.

After more than a year, there has been no closure -- but still some comfort

“We've kind of all separated and moved on with our own lives but coming together is nice because it just kind of reminds me of when she was still here,” Rachael Pope said.

State police have said since Robin Pope disappeared that they believe someone out there knows something.  Her friends and family say they will continue coming together until that person comes forward.



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