Replica of Columbus' Nina and Pinta sail into St. Michaels

ST. MICHAELS, Md. - St. Michaels is taking a trip back in time.

The Pinta and Nina, Columbus's favorite ship, sailed into port today. They aren't the exact ships but they are a close replica so people can get an idea what they looked like back in the 1400's when they were used as trading, fishing and warships.

Stephen Sanger is the captain of the Pinta and he's been sailing these ships for six years. He knows every inch of them, but still not as well as Columbus did.

“Columbus lived on the Nina for eight years,” Sanger said. “He made four trips with the Nina and logged 25,000 miles.”

The Nina is not only accurate in size and dimension but it was built the exact same way it would have been back in the 1400's. That's because it was built by hand with no modern tools.

“It was built in Valencia, Brazil by an eighth generation Portuguese shipwright family who had been building ships for centuries,” said first mate Dylan Marshall. “All the metal on the ship was forged by blacksmiths in the village where the ship was built in  Brazil.” 

It took 20 or 30 men to sail this ship and they all slept out in the open on the deck as there was no room below.

“There was livestock for fresh meat,” Marshall said. “Goats, pigs, chickens and horses even, so it was totally full of supplies down there.”

They didn't have Twitter or Facebook back then but they did have good way to let people know they were coming into port…with a cannon.

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