Maryland SHA announces plan to expand Route 404

Maryland State Highway officials broke ground Wednesday on a $39 million project on the Eastern Shore.

The plan is to widen an almost 12-mile stretch on Route 404 from 50 to the Denton bypass. The road is a route many beach-bound travelers take to go to the Rehoboth and Fenwick Island resorts. Sometimes more than 23,000 drivers a day use this road during the summer season.

Now that more and more people are using the route, the two-lane road can't handle that much traffic safely. Officials said the extra lanes will be safer for cars and the shoulders are designed to handle pedestrian and bike traffic also. With just two lanes now, the traffic during the summer gets backed up on 404.

Marie Freeman lives on the Eastern Shore and has to travel this road every day and she knows how dangerous the two lane traffic is. In the summer of 2000 her daughter was in the car stopped at a light on 404 when the car was hit by a truck. Her daughter, Breannea, lived for two days before she died at just 10 months old.

State highway officials hope this new design can help avoid tragedies like that. This project will start at the end of this month and weather permitting the construction should be finished in the summer of 2017.



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