Police start pulling cops off Ocean City streets

OCEAN CITY - 12:49 a.m. Major beach erosion.  Wind gusts are above 70 miles per hour.  We went to the beach


9:31 p.m. One of the strongest bands of Hurricane Irene are pounding Ocean City right now.  We talked with some people who were riding out the storm.  They say they're staying inside and away from low-lying areas.

7:48 p.m. Water is starting to come over the sand dunes in Ocean City.  We're getting winds consistantly over 45mph.  Waves are getting as high as 12 feet.

6:44 p.m. Ocean City spokeswoman says Wicomico and Worcester Streets are flooded.  Those are way down by the inlet.

6:42 p.m.  Ocean City police are leaving the streets of Ocean City.  Emergency Managment Officials Winds always said that when winds are above 50mph for more than 10 minutes that they would no longer respond to 911 calls.  However, the winds are not that strong yet.  Emergency crews will only say that conditions are getting worse.  Some streets are already flooded.  The first waves are starting to reach the sand dunes too. 

6:02 p.m. Winds are strong right now in Ocean City. Ocean City Emergency Management Officials are requiring everyone who stayed behind to sign next of kin papers. 911 operators say that police, fire and ambulance crews will not respond to emergency calls once winds reach 50 mph for 10 consecutive minutes.

3:52 p.m.  The surf is getting really rough.  Waves are getting higher and moving closer to sand dunes.


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