Community holds vigil for missing Queen Anne Woman

KENT ISLAND, Md. - There is a song of hope on a dark street where nothing but dark news has filled the air since Saturday.

On the same beach where a Great Dane was found dead, there are prayers for Bella's owner, robin pope.

Pope was reported missing early Saturday morning -- by her husband, Wayne. 

The couple had separated recently, but Robin came to pick up some items from their Stevensville home Friday night.  

When Wayne got back, robin's car was there, but Robin was gone.

Tuesday night there was a plea from Robin's daughter that the community get out and search again before the storm comes and the grounds are covered with snow.

Neighbors returned to the streets and woods, areas where Robin would walk Bella, even late at night. 

A shovel without any debris on it was turned over to investigators.

Evidence or not, the community feels like it's helping.

Wayne was questioned by police, and his integrity is questioned online.

Friends are quick to defend him.

"He adores Robin, loves Robin.  He could never ever hurt robin.  He could never hurt anyone,"  

Gina Knapp, friend of the Pope family, said.

Knapp helped launch a Facebook page to spread the word about a community search on Sunday.

So far, 200 people signed up to attend.

"I just had to do something because if it was one of my family members i would hope that somebody would do the same," Knapp said.  

The pope's are like family for Jennifer Wisong who grew up with the oldest daughter.

"You always have hope.  You have to, till you know something, till you have any other reason to think so," Wisong said.  

Police have searched the bay,the land, and the air.  So far, no sign of Robin Pope.

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