Chesapeake Oyster population sees growth on Earth Day

On this Earth Day , we hear promising news coming from deep in the Chesapeake Bay.

The oyster population is on the rebound, and it is at its highest level since 1985. That's good news considering oysters help clean the bay by filtering water.

"Oysters provide a great habitat for fish. So, it's very encouraging what we're seeing right now," says Jason Ruth of Harris Seafood Company.

Though the numbers show promise, it seems the overall scope levels are still in the woods.

"Historic levels are still at one percent of what it used to be in the 1800s," Ruth says. "However, diseases are down over the last eight years, and we are pretty encouraged by what we are seeing."

Ruth says good oyster numbers aren't just good for the bay. He says high volume leads to jobs and can impact the economy.

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