Retired trooper saves the day in store robbery


He says he's no hero, and it was all about self preservation.  You can't tell that to the people he saved. 
Joe Appleby retired from the Maryland State Police on July first, but when he ended up in the wrong place at the right time.
He proved he's still more than willing to protect and serve.


"Probably more than 2 hands that I have looked down the wrong end of a barrell of a gun," said Appleby.

Then it was part of the job for Joe Appleby, but Friday the retired Maryland State Trooper was called to action again.

He was unarmed when he walked into the middle of a robbery at his neighborhood convenience store just after 10:00 a.m.

"I probably made it inside the store 3 or 4 feet when it happened," he said.  "I pulled out whatever I had in my pocket in cash and I said just take the money and go you don't want to hurt anybody, and he said I don't want that we're going to the back."

Appleby didn't know the owner of the Chrome Dairy and Deli had already told the robber she had more cash in the back.

She was stalling and waiting for police.

"Nothing ever good every happens in the back of store during a robbery," said Appleby.

Thirteen of his 28 years on the job, Appleby spent on the special tactical assault team -- so he had a plan.

"It happens that little switch kicks in and you do what you are trained to do," he said.

Once he was in the back along with the cashier, another customer and the robber -- he made his move.

"I wanted someone the right side of the door and someone on the left so when the robber came in I had to divert his attention," said Appleby.  "He came in and looked around at the other guy and me and he looked over to see where Latta was and as soon as he did his pistol was out and I took it," he said.

The suspect got away with a little cash, and they all got out safely.

"Certainly I don't recommend that everybody do what I did because unless you know what your doing," said Appleby.

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