Residents evacuated after truck crashes

PORT DEPPOSIT, Md. (WMAR) - Residents of a local condominium complex have been displaced after propane tanker crashed into their building today.

Police say at about 1:00 p.m. a tractor trailer carrying 9,000 gallons of propane missed it's turn onto I-95 and continued driving on Center Street into the town of Port Deposit. As the truck was coming down a steep incline the driver reported he lost the control of his brakes.

As the truck barreled down a steep incline and crossed over the railroad tracks the truck flipped onto it's side and crashed into the building, pinning the driver inside.

It took rescue crews about 2 hours to extricate the driver from the truck. He was taken to a local hospital with minor injuries. There were no other reports of any injuries.

Crews were able to stabilize a small leak in the truck's cargo area.

At this time crews are awaiting another truck to get to the scene and transfer the propane out of the damaged truck. Then the truck should be removed from the building, but this may take more than 24 hours.

Residents have been evacuated from all of the surrounding buildings, but officials say some will be allowed back in. Those residents living in the building that was hit by the truck are not expected to be allowed back in for a couple of days.

Building inspectors will also check to see if the building is structurally sound once the truck is removed.

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