Port Deposit braces for possible flooding

Port Deposit braces for possible flooding

PORT DEPOSIT, Md. - Port Deposit and Havre de Grace are prone to flooding. But it's so far so good right now.

On Monday, there were 17 gates open as authorities lowered the water level of the upper part of the Susquehanna River.

They're still doing that today with 10 gates open.

There have been flooding or the threat of floods in Port Deposit ever since the town was formed.

They are ready, for anything short of tidal wave.

They've made plans and put people are on stand by for an event that they hope doesn't happen.

"We have the spill hotline operating so that any town citizen can call and get information and basically our town maintenance crew and state highway administration have gone ahead and cleaned out the drains and have some good access to flow and notified the Water Witch fire company and Cecil County emergency cervices so we have all the steps in place." Port Deposit Town Administrator Erika Quesenbery says.

The folks here are pros at this.

They know that if 20 gates are open on the damn they'll get water in low lying areas, and for every other gate that opens, it means flooding in back yards, flooding in basements and when you hit about 25 gates, that's when the water gets into downtown.

Quesenbery doesn't think it will get that bad, but if it does they're ready to let folks know at a moment's notice.

And folks here are ready to deal with it at a moment's notice...after all it's been happening for more than 100 years.

"When we became a town in 1813 they called us a Port of Deposit we became a Port of Deposit because of spring floods which allowed them to get over the rocks and rapids and bring them here to sell them down in Baltimore so if it wasn't for a high water event we wouldn't have become a Port of Deposit and we have a saying here if you haven't got down to the river yet it will come to you." Quesenbery says.

Quesenbery says since there is no snow and ice the ground and there has been a lot of wind that has allowed things to dry out some.

That will make it easier to keep storm drains clear allowing any over flow of water to flow through the town and not stay and flood.

But that also depends on the rain and how much water has to be let out of the dam.

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