Port Deposit begins the clean-up process following the flooding

The flooding in Port Deposit is a dire situation but there has been a decrease in the forecast. Town officials, along with those who didn't evacuate, have seen the worst of the flooding. But there's still so much work to do.

"It doesn't matter if you were a good housekeeper or a bad housekeeper before the flood. After the flood, you're house is a wreck," said Glen Longacre, who lives on Main St.

We could see the proof at sunrise. ABC2 News was on scene as emergency responders kept an eye on the river town. The Susquehanna is crested at a 15-year high, sending water into homes.

Twenty-nine flood gates at the Conowingo Dam were opened as of Saturday afternoon, down from the original forecast of up to 50.

"We got that long Susquehanna drainage region. And there's a series of dams on the river and they got to regulate their flow," said Mike Dixon, Cecil Co. spokesman.

The gates have been opened just a handful of times since the dam was built over 80 years ago. Now the clean-up begins, an effort that will likely keep residents from returning this weekend.

"The considerations are both environmental, structural, as you can imagine. So we'll have to make policy-level decisions today concerning how we can best re-enter," said Amy Crabill, deputy director, Dept. of Emergency Services.

As for George Longacre, he knows cleaning up mud and picking up trash will involve the whole town.

"We'll work hard as a community to put it back together," he said.



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