Man arrested for DUI after almost hitting road crew

ELKTON, Md. - A Delaware man is facing a number of charges after he allegedly almost hit a road crew, got his car stuck in the mud, and ran from the police while in handcuffs.

Cecil County Sheriff's Deputies said they arrested Jason Crevier on March 19 in the 100 block of Little Egypt Road. Deputies were called to the area after a road crew reported a car nearly hit them and their roadblock.

The crew told police after he almost hit them, the man, later identified as Crevier, allegedly got out of his car and started throwing rocks and yelling at them.

The road crew told police Crevier got back into his car and backed it up, got stuck in the mud and asked the crew to help him get out. When they refused, he allegedly started yelling and throwing rocks at them a second time.

When police arrived a short time later, deputies found Crevier passed out in his car. He started taking field sobriety tests, before stopping and refusing the continue. The deputy then arrested him.

The deputy put Crevier in the patrol car and started taking pictures of the incident when Crevier got out of the police car and allegedly started running down Little Egypt Road while still handcuffed.

The deputy eventually got Crevier back in custody. He is charged with assault, resisting arrest, driving under the influence and several other related charges.

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