Surveying damage in Port Deposit

Flooding carries garbage through streets

PORT DEPOSIT, Md. - Evacuation day trumped trash day in Port Deposit, and now rising floodwaters have turned Main Street into a virtual cesspool.

Some residents who refused to leave have since thought otherwise.

"Actually I had planned on staying, but the fumes from all the ruptured oil tanks... you know fumes were gathering in the house and it wasn't safe so we went to Perryville and got a room," said Allen Cooling.

The otherwise scenic Conawingo Dam now has water from the north building to dangerous levels behind it, and workers have now opened 43 of the flood gates to release both the water and the pressure.

Cecil County Commission President James Mullin says he saw this coming.

"I was watching your weather, your channel cause that's my station in the morning and just all of the rain and flooding up in York County and Harrisburg... it's just kind of unprecedented."

Now, as water rises in the riverfront Tome Landing Townhomes, leaving submerged vehicles and a muddy, murky mess it its wake, those who evacuated have grown concerned for their homes and property fearing what the flooding leaves behind, scavengers might take.

"At this point, we're working with the Department of Emergency Services and the state to monitor the situation... recon the area... make sure no individuals get in trouble," said Port Deposit Mayor Wayne Tome, Sr., "The state police, sheriff's office (and) town police have the area secured to prevent looting."

But they know there's little they can do now to prevent the inevitable flooding, and they're just preparing to help victims recover once the water has receded.

*The Maryland Emergency Management Agency is also on scene in Port Deposit, and MEMA has already asked President Obama for a pre-disaster declaration so they can secure federal money to help clean up in the days to come.

A shelter is re-opening tonight at Perryville High School to aid those who had to evacuate.


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