FBI now involved in search for missing Cecil County teens

The people closest to Ricardo Levenberry have gone from seeing and talking to him everyday to no contact for the past week. 
"You don't even know where to look. There's no signs of even where we could look for him. And that's what just hurts me because I don't know if somebody is torturing him, or if he's dead, or if he's going to come back home," Destinie Ortiz, Levenberry's girlfriend, said. 
Ortiz said she spoke to her boyfriend the morning of Aug. 19, when he was last seen.  

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The two made plans to go to the mall but when she called him later, his phone was turned off.
Ortiz says their daughter is young, but still misses him.
"I know that she knows he's not there," Ortiz said. 
"This isn't like him just to take off and not come back. Something is wrong. Something is going on," Patches Watson, Ortiz' mother, told ABC2. 
Police say Levenberry was riding his bicycle in a park in Hollingsworth Manor when a blue four door Chevrolet pulled up, and he got inside, leaving his bike behind as they pulled off. 
"I don't know if he was in danger as soon as he got into the car. I'm not sure," Ortiz said. 
Investigators say the man and woman inside that car have admitted to giving Levenberry a ride. They also said they picked up 16-year-old Jesse Veasey, who is also missing. 
The two people picked Veasey up in the same area the day before. 
Police did not say exactly where, but that the man and woman dropped the two teens off in Elkton.
Ortiz says she grew up with Veasey and is hopeful that she will see him and her boyfriend again soon.
"We just want them home because they have families and we just miss them, we miss the both of them. We just want Ricky to come home with his family. That's all I want," Ortiz said. 
The FBI is offering a $5,000 reward for information.
"Primarily because of Elkon's proximity to the Delaware state line, the Pennsylvania state line and even southern New Jersey, we're looking at the possibility these two young men were taken across state lines for reasons unknown," said FBI spokesperson Patrick S. Dugan.


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