Elkton fire erupted early Dec. 26

An Elkton family is mourning the death of their son, 39 year old Curtis Church, who was killed in a fire in the early morning hours after Christmas. 
His father, Jerry Church, looks back at the pictures capturing how Curtis spent part of his last day. He was getting his 13 year old son, Curt Lee Jr., ready to ride his new four wheeler.
Jerry says his grandson hasn't been able to sleep since that night. 
"He's the one broke the door down and tried to get to his dad," said Jerry.
He tried to get his grandson to describe those heroic efforts, but it was just too hard.
"He was only in there a second or two but he heard his dad calling out. He couldn't see him because of the thick black smoke and he couldn't have been more than or five feet from him but he couldn't find him. And within a second or so, the fireball forced him back out of the house. I'm thankful to God he didn't get hurt." 
As the State Fire Marshall's office continues to investigate the cause of the fire, family and friends began to clear what it left behind.
Jerry says what neighbors described as a bonfire near the house hours earlier on Christmas day had nothing to do with the fire that killed his son.
"Earlier in the day, they had a bonfire. It was not even up here at the trailer. I don't know why they said that. All the paper and cardboard from Christmas, they had a fire and got rid of that. That's all that was," said Jerry. 
Fire investigators say they have a number of interviews to conduct to make sure everything is in order before they close their investigation and determine a cause. 
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