Cecil County parents push school officials to do more to protect children.

CECIL COUNTY - We first told you about Kaleb Kula in January.

We learned about him when cell phone video surfaced that showed the 11-year-old being punched in the head by another child.

The Elkton Middle School student recalled the moment before the attack. "I knew I was probably going to get injured. I wasn't really scared because I knew what would happen."

At a board meeting Monday parents reached out to county officials, asking them to do more to protect children.

Like Kaleb, Josephine Avila's son suffers from autism.  She's not convinced the Cecil County school system is doing enough to stop bullying, especially for children who have special needs.

Avila told ABC2, "They outlined a lot of things like hanging up posters in the school. Posters are not going to change any child. It's the influence of adults."

County officials used the meeting to provided additional insight on their current programs and initiatives to help curb bullying in school.

Concerned members of the community where also there.

Donald Ball leads the Cecil County chapter of the, "Hogs and Heroes Foundation."

Ball and his group made it very clear that it's important to for adults to step up, "...instead of just being one of those ones that just steps back and says, ‘Aw there's nothing we can do.'"

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