2 Good 2 Be True: Hoppy waves hi

ELKTON, Md. (WMAR) - They call him Hoppy.   It's because his gate is rickety when he walks. 

But what William "Hoppy" Hammond is doing will have all of you driving to Elkton tomorrow.   He won't tell you how old he is.  But he will tell you, he's retired from about 30 places. 

He will brag about his two beautiful daughters, Cree and Donna.  

But Hoppy teaches us all how simple it is to be nice with a simple wave.

"I started waving and they started waving back."   It's as simple as that.  Everyday, twice a day, Hoppy will ride his bike across the Elkton Bridge and plunk down on, "My spot."

 He will wave at car after car. "I think I can build them up, give them a smile, give them a good feeling, its nice." 

We counted 16 cars in a row with drivers waving or honking at Hoppy.  

He just makes you feel great.   His smile, his wave is tremendous. 

Hoppy you are "2 Good 2 Be True."

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