10-year-old girl in critical condition, possibly hit by bullet

ELKTON, Md. (WMAR) - On AJS Ct. in Elkton, the holiday lights are on, but it's tough to celebrate the New Year.  A 10-year-old girl from Pennsylvania was visiting her family when she collapsed just minutes after midnight. 

"I have kind of hillbilly neighbors so they shoot guns off on New Year's, but I didn't think a bullet could fall out of the sky and hit somebody," said Ryan Doyle, a neighbor.      

But that did happen, according to the Cecil Co. Sheriff's Office.  Gunshots mixed in with fireworks.

"The gunshot appears to be at the top of the head, more consistent with something falling from the sky overhead," said Lt. Michael Holmes, spokesman, Cecil Co. Sheriff's Office. 

Investigators are trying to figure out how far away the shooter was from the girl.  At this point, they don't believe the bullet came from a family member.

"Firearms for celebratory reasons just isn't safe.  This is a unique example, and it's also against the law.  So it's something that people should not do," said Holmes.   

The girl is listed in critical condition on life support.  And with that, it's tough for neighbors to ring in a new year.

"I believe in the right to bear arms, so people should have guns.  I'm not about gun control and stuff but that's pretty reckless to just shoot stuff up in the air like that," said Doyle.     

The Sheriff's Office spent the day canvassing the neighborhood, trying to figure out where the shot came from.

Investigators are hoping for information from any witnesses.  If you were in the area of AJS Ct. in Elkton on Monday night you're asked to call: 410-392-2117.




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