Threat called into South Carroll High School

SYKESVILLE, Md. - Seven threatening phone calls were made to South Carroll High School and local law enforcement, which forced a five-hour lock down of the Carroll County High School. 

It's unclear if the calls were made by one person or several people. 

The first call was made to the school at around 2p.m. Thursday, officials said. The caller said there would be "a shooting" and "chaos" at the high school. The school's administrators alerted authorities, who while en route began receiving more calls threatening a shooting. 

Officers from the Carroll County sheriff’s office, Maryland State Police, and Sykesville police department responded to the scene and conducted a search of the school and the surrounding area. Investigators meanwhile are continuing to follow-up leads. 

"Those persons that are responsible when located will be held accountable," Phil Kasten, with the Carroll County Sheriff's Office, said. 

Lock down was lifted shortly after 7 p.m. 

"That was exhausting just sitting there in the classroom for that long but everything's good," Emily Ameel, a SCHS senior, said. 

A student was arrested at the high school for charges unrelated to the threatening phone calls. Officers found drugs in a student's possession while conducting a search of the school. 

Officials promised an increased police presence at all Carroll County schools Friday to ensure public safety. 

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