State inspectors will look into camp regulations following 12-year-old boy's death

Flashing lights move in front of downed trees.  There's a reason to stop and pray for the Christian camp. 

The task at hand will get more technical for the State Environmental Health Bureau.  Dr. Clifford Mitchell will oversee an investigation after a camper was hit by falling trees and died at River Valley Ranch. 


"Those laws and regulations include things like having an emergency preparedness plan, staff who are trained," said Mitchell.    

The camp director said they followed protocol to move kids inside when a storm approaches.  The state also has different requirements for the number of staff members based on the age of campers.

Under five years old, one camp counselor should be assigned to just eight kids.  Ages 6 to 18, the state requires two staff members for every 15 campers.

"We know this camp has been operating under an appropriate certificate.  We know that in fact they operated last year and have operated for many years," said Mitchell.    

Criminal background checks for workers are standard, so are safety procedures.

"Our group will go out and investigate the camp for looking for compliance with state law and regulation related to summer camps," said Mitchell.  

Dr. Mitchell says inspections at River Valley Ranch have started.  Camp director Jon Bisset said counselors stayed with kids until 3 a.m. when all parents arrived.

He did not quote exact numbers but said the camp is doing what the state requires.

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