Sandy Hook godmother hosts local fundraiser


Ben Wheeler is just one; just one name, just one face, just one of the innocent murdered that day in December.

But for the families of the Sandy Hook tragedy, it is no longer about what happened rather hoping the memory of it never fades.

"They stay away from the details of the tragedy, they really want everyone to focus on discussing safety within your community, doing whatever we can to help our children feel safe and keeping it the topic of conversation."

It is why Ben's Godmother Vicki Pellicciotti set up a ‘cut-a-thon' at the Elements of Style Salon in Eldersburg.

From three to five Saturday afternoon, kids under the age of 16 get their hair cut for free with a ten dollar donation.

There will also be games, activities, a local fire company and even a police officer to talk to kids about safety.

An event organizers say came together easily by the strength of this community.

"We just started planning to do it as soon as possible for the family, but also to bring the community together," said Pellicciotti.

"We have about eight stylists and we think we can do about 80 haircuts."

Paris Cimino is lending her shears and her salon for the cause.

Days after the Newtown tragedy, she called Pellicciotti looking to help is some way and this is the best way she knows how.

"Well that was our tool right?  We're a hair salon and that is how we can give back to the community.  They support us on a yearly basis, this community is wonderful, we have a very successful we just pay it forward," said Cimino.

Not only paying it forward to the family of Ben Wheeler, but to the Eldersburg community by raising awareness and never forgetting.

It is a goal that's been Ben's godmother's since she returned from her nephew's funeral right before Christmas.

"There are countless people that have done so many things so I think it is kind of neat to know that you had a part in bringing it on together."

There's already been quite a buzz building about this ‘cut-a-thon' Saturday.

It only goes two hours and there's no real way to tell how much money they're going to make, but every cent is going to go to a foundation that's now set up in Ben Wheeler's name in Newtown, Connecticut

Wheeler's parents are also scheduled to be on the Katie Couric show to discuss the aftermath of the Newtown shooting.

You will be able to see that interview Monday at 4 o'clock right here on ABC2 News.

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