McDaniel College creates Facebook page to allow students and staff to share compliments

WESTMINSTER - McDaniel College has come down with a serious case of compliment fever.

Rather than focus on the negative, students and faculty are taking the time to praise each other, thanks to the McDaniel Compliments Facebook page.

"I thought it would catch on, but I didn't know it would catch on in the way it did," said Kyla Greenhorn, a senior at the college.  

She started the page a year ago.  While she wanted to share it with everyone, she also wanted to keep her involvement a secret.

"It is 100 percent focused on the person who gets that compliment and being able to shine and bask in their own glory."

In a year, the Facebook page has received almost 3,000 compliments.  Some are to a specific person, while others are about total strangers.  One compliment talked about a girl found crying in a stairwell.  The person wrote that they went to get chocolate for the girl but by the time they came back, she was gone.  

"I wanted to show that someone cares and I hope things get better," the poster wrote.

"At one point it did end up bringing me to tears the amount of love being put out there by every other person," said Greenhorn.

Greenhorn wasn't managing the page alone for very long.  Her friend and fellow senior Becca Wilson had a hunch it was Greenhorn behind the compliments page, and offered to help.

"It's not only therapeutic for the people receiving the compliments, but I think, I can speak for myself, that it really lifts me up," Wilson said.

Another compliment was written by a dean at the school, who thanked the person who put a trash bag over an open window in her car on a rainy day.  It's just one of thousands of examples how this Facebook page is making a small difference in the lives of McDaniel students and staff.  "I think the college became closer, and I think people started to notice the better qualities out there," said Greenhorn.

The girls eventually revealed their identities on YouTube.  They have several underclassmen taking over the page, and hope it continues to spread love and happiness all over McDaniel.

"I've always wanted to make a difference in the world.  You can't change the world by finding what's wrong with it, you can change the world by finding what's right with it," said Greenhorn.

And all it takes is just one compliment to make a person's world right.

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