Man approaches young girl, tries to lure her into his car


Ten-year-old Kevin spotted the car approaching his friend.  But he didn't realize anything was wrong until a phone call came in minutes later.

"Can we talk to Kevin? Someone tried to abduct our daughter," said Bob Barker, Kevin's father. 

"I didn't get to see the man's face. He hid it inside the car," said Kevin.   

On March 12, Kevin was with his friend, who we will not identify, before they went separate ways and headed home.

"My friend just riding as fast as she can past it, and I was just like what's going on," said Kevin.   

"He didn't mention anything to us.  He just came into the house and went upstairs and continued doing his business," said Barker. 

It's a lesson in the barker home:  See something, say something.  The Sykesville police chief says the girl gave a detailed description to come up with a sketch.  He had a line, but he didn't win. 

"He spoke to the young girl and told her that he had been sent there to be picked up because there was a family emergency," said John Williams, Sykesville police chief. 

Police say he did not touch the girl, she was close enough to get a look before taking off on her scooter.  Parents in the neighborhood are having another conversation with their kids.

"I told our son that we will never send somebody that he does not know to go pick him up," said one parent.    

Police think the man is white, around 50 years old, with grey facial hair.  He was driving a Volkswagen.

Kevin says the young girl is going out to play again, but that incident is on her mind.   

"I don't think she's the typical girl I used to know who was always so excited going out," said Kevin.  "She's frightened. She's been frightened so far," he said.   

Police say if they find the man, he will not be charged since he didn't touch the girl.  But they believe the incident is a gateway to a more serious crime.

Police have gotten some tips today.  If you have any information, you're asked to call the Sykesville Police Department:  410-795-0757. 

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