Maryland family adopts Russian girl, life saved by Sinai Hospital

Sinai hosting 9th annual Race For The Kids

BALTIMORE - The Carver family from Manchester -- Matthew, Rebecca, Lindsay, Timothy and Kristina...  They wouldn't possibly adopt a sixth child from overseas would they?   

Yes they would.  (Watch Juliana's amazing journey). 

John and Tammy left Carroll County for Minsk.

John says, they had no intention of adopting again, but John is a softy.  Once he saw Juliana's face he and his wife knew they were bringing her home to Baltimore.   Little did they know their journey was just beginning.   Years later, it was discovered that Juliana had cancer. 

To the Samuelson Childrens' Hospital they went, to meet Dr. Joe Wiley.

"Juliana is why we do what we do", said Dr. Wiley. 

What he and the rest of the Doctors did was get Juliana to beat cancer, not once, not twice, but three times.  She is today cancer free.  But, you wonder what would have happened had John and Tammy not brought her back to Baltimore.  Second thought, don't think about it.  Think of tomorrow, that is what Juliana is all concerned about, and the day after, and the next day.  What a nice smiling personable young lady who is approaching the age of 12.  She has been more in those 12 than most have gone through in 50. 

Juliana is a YouTube star.  Most of her life has been filmed and documented.  One video clip is better than the one before. 

Listen, there are other children at Sinai, fighting the battle.  Next Sunday, the hospital runs its 9th annual Race for Our Kids.  Go to for more information.  

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